Current Mood & Leadership Event With…

Wow isn’t the weather beautiful today?

I’m joking this weather makes me want to live in another country, i’m visualising it right now sat on a soft warm sandy beach with a cocktail in my hand .. Bliss.

So what am i up to tonight?

I’ve just finished what has been a very busy day at work and i’m ready to wind down, read a book and order a takeaway, i think i’m going to have a Chinese… hmm spare ribs and a chicken curry. Anyway i’m going to stop blabbering on about my boring life and try to give you guys some value by sharing some information about a guy from america i went to see at one of his leadership events in Oxford that he hosts once a year at the Kassam Stadium, do you know who i’m talking about yet? Continue reading “Current Mood & Leadership Event With…”

Hello World!

What’s up people this is my first ever blog and i totally can’t wait to get this thing going. My name is Jed Fife and if you haven’t guessed already i love sunglasses and fashion is my passion.

In this first post i would just like to introduce myself and give you guys a bit of background information about my background.

So where do i being.. I was born and raised in Stafford and fairy medium sized city in Staffordshire¬†at the moment i’mI currently liveing in Birmingham, West Midlands in the UK, I have been living here for the past 2 years and i’m in love with the place, the people, the nightlife and restaurants. I have made some awesome friends while working here in the fashion industry. My ultimate goal is to live in the heart of London and to have my own shop.

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