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Wow isn’t the weather beautiful today?

I’m joking this weather makes me want to live in another country, i’m visualising it right now sat on a soft warm sandy beach with a cocktail in my hand .. Bliss.

So what am i up to tonight?

I’ve just finished what has been a very busy day at work and i’m ready to wind down, read a book and order a takeaway, i think i’m going to have a Chinese… hmm spare ribs and a chicken curry. Anyway i’m going to stop blabbering on about my boring life and try to give you guys some value by sharing some information about a guy from america i went to see at one of his leadership events in Oxford that he hosts once a year at the Kassam Stadium, do you know who i’m talking about yet?

Wait for it…..

Dr Tom Barrett!!! This guy is a living legend literally! His perspective of life and how he approaches things is amazing. I have learnt a great deal from Dr Tom Barrett and i would highly recommend going to his two day workshop in Oxford if it hasn’t already sold out.

Tom is a motivational speak and a very successful entrepreneur in the network marketing industry as well as holding two master degrees and a Ph.D in psychology.

I have just finished reading his book Dare to Dream Work to Win.


I don’t care what job you have, where you work, what it involves or what business you may have this book gives huge value to anyone who has entrepreneurship in their spirit. I have been in a room full of multi millionaires who can’t recommend this book enough.

Leadership Event

At Toms two day leadership event he started the day of with a little something to think about..

He asked us this question. How heavy is a glass of water? and followed with: It depends how long you hold it for. – For a day your arm will be paralyzed, if you hold onto negative thoughts it will paralyze YOU for a day. Doesn’t that just put things into perspective.

He also spoke about what leaders need…

  • Passion
  • Courage
  • Knowledge
  • Vision
  • Energy

    The Three Principles Of Awesome Success

  1. Consistent effort
  2. Give it enough time
  3. Duplication

– Listen – Learn – Do – Teach

I have so many great notes i took away with me that day and i’d love to share them all with you guys if your interested.


Its time for me to put my laptop down open a bottle of wine and order a Chinese.

Hope you have had a great day.. until next time c ya.

P.S i’m new to blogging i would really appreciate any tips, constructive criticism and feedback that would be great.

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