Cheeky Shopping Trip..

Hello people!

So, this afternoon me and Lauren decided to treat ourselves to a bit of late night retail therapy as she is down for the week! So, we got ourselves ready and walked out onto the pavement outside my house! Within two seconds, taxis started flooding in as normal so we just trotted over to the nearest one… but to our horror… I opened the door and it looked like someone had, had a mud fight in there and then decided to leave cans of beer on the back seats! By then, the other taxis has swarmed off trying to find there next victim! So the good old girlfriend gets her phone out and orders one, obviously with me still moaning about the state of the taxi in her ear and now complaining that we would have to wait in the cold for hours! But, as usual, the woman is always right!

The taxi she ordered was with us within 5 minutes and thankfully it was as clean as a whistle, which sadly, you don’t get them kind of taxis anymore, especially around Birmingham! So, thank you Birmingham City Taxis! Like I said to the driver, I would mention them in my blog as they definitely saved us from a mud bath! So to all the fashion freaks like me that would never ruin their attire in a million years, I would definitely recommend this taxi firm to you! A taxi should always be clean
, if it’s not it can seriously ruin your clothes, trust me, it has happened to me before… with chewing gum! Nightmare! So while the girlfriend spent all of her money, I snuck off to find the Armani shop! And ended up buying an Emporio Armani suit… yes you heard… Emporio Armani. I have wanted one for so, so long and I finally went and got it! So… as I am now madly in love with it, I had to show it off and show everyone else just how amazing it looks, come on, we are all guilty of wanting to show off something we have worked hard for and feel great in, right? I’m only human after all! So, tonight I am making my partner come out with me to Marco Pierre Whites as it’s only fair to take the suit somewhere fancy, right? Wearing this suit, I honestly feel like a million dollars! And with my girl next to my side (who by the way, would look amazing even if she was to wear a bin bag) we are definitely ready to show off our new attires! And just so you all know, this Emporio Armani suit is that amazing and comfy, I honestly don’t think I will ever take it off!
Anyway, that’s it from me for today, whatever you are doing, have a nice night all!

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