A passion for fashion, or sunglasses more precisely *** Guest post with a twist ;) ***

We all love being in trends with the fashion, or at least wear something that flatters us and in which we feel comfortable. When it comes to accessories, sunglasses are among the most important, which should not miss from the wardrobe of any fashion enthusiast. Not only that they make you look cool, but they also protect your eyes from the sun rays and keep you safe from early wrinkles, both in the summer and winter. I own a pair or two, but I know I guy that buys sunglasses like their socks. He is a fashion blogger, of course, but I think his passion for sunglass is a little off.

I believe that he ended up having one pair of sunglasses for every outfit he has in the wardrobe. I mean,
women have a room just for shoes, but this guy has one filled with sunglasses. I have met guys that used to like to collect bowties or hats, but none of them were into owning an impressive number of sunglasses. I had the tendency to ask him about this ardent passion for these accessories, but I was afraid he will think that I am judging him or that I think he’s a freak. So I let the idea go. Instead, I keep forging theories in my head, trying to figure out how he ended loving sunglasses so much. After all, it’s not like we live in some tropical country, where the sun shines every day.

One day, I remembered that he participated in courses for your models when he was in high school. There is no doubt that he had the talent and looks for this kind of job. I believe that it was then when he was inoculated with the idea of owning sunglasses. He once told me that their teacher always reminded them to wear sunglasses if the sun was up, regardless of the season. She said that doing so will help them avoid wrinkles around the eyes and forehead. Well, the young boy, now a fully grown man, got that idea very well. So well that he spends a small fortune purchasing all sort of sunglasses. And, of course, designer sunglasses because he does have a fashion blog, where he needs to write posts periodically. Still, we should acknowledge that you will find all sort of fashion articles on his blog, not only about sunglasses. So we can say that he has his passion under control.

Meanwhile, I got used to him. I admired his pair of sunglasses each time we meet for a coffee, and that’s it. I always have the impression that he has a new pair each time because it is hard to keep track of his vast collection. But very often, when I praise his accessory, the answer I get is “Oww, but this is an ancient pair of sunglasses! Don’t you remember them?”. To my shame, I don’t, even if I know him for years now. I had other things to focus on than to fill my time creating a small collection of some item, or remember the collections of others. Little did I know this man was going to be my true love!

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