9 days =O)

Hello readers what a fantastic December it’s been.

I’m really feeling the Christmas spirit at the moment, me and my partner are going to put our tree up this weekend, we have been so busy we just never got around to doing it.

I love Christmas so much it’s a time where everybody winds down and relaxes, what makes Christmas for me is the quality time i get to spend with my family and friends, work just goes out the window and we have two weeks to recharge our battery’s.

Do any of you guys go abroad for Christmas? I have a friend who does and i find it really confusing, Christmas to me is cold winter nights, snow and open fire, i really hate the sun on Christmas day i know it’s a bit extreme but that’s honestly how i feel about it haha.

I still haven’t brought Christmas presents for everyone yet, this weekend is my only chance and i can bet that the bullring is going to be manic! I might have a go at shopping online, that should be fun!

Enjoy the rest of your week people ill be back Saturday.

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