My Experience of Birmingham Airport Firsthand

There are hundreds, if not thousands of airports around the world, but there is only one Birmingham Airport.  This airport is quite fascinating for those who are arriving in the UK for a holiday, as well as those who are waiting to take off to other destinations around the world.

If you want to get from the airport to the city fast and easy (or the other way around), then using a service like Birmingham Airport transfers is a very good idea. It’s a very fast, convenient service and it’s affordable too.

One of the best features that is available at Birmingham Airport is their FlightSmart Service.  FlightSmart sends live flight updates to a person’s Twitter account, so no one needs to worry about missing an important update about their flight.  

Of course, a person still needs to reach their gate in time after receiving their flight updates via FlightSmart, but that is where the Express Land Security comes in handy.  These lanes can be pre-booked, so that a person never needs to wait in line with everyone else who is trying to get screened in time for their flight.  The Premium Arrivals Fast Track feature will help passengers once they have reached Birmingham, as they will not need to wait in line as they are going through Passport Control.

Most people arrive at Birmingham Airport, or any other airport, really early for their flight, which means that they are always looking for something to do.  Thankfully, the airport in Birmingham has everything imaginable!

Children and their parents will love the free Sky Zone interactive play area, because it will keep children busy instead of bored during their wait time.  And everyone knows that active children will sleep better on an airplane when it is ready to take off!

Those who are traveling without children will appreciate the three executive lounges, Aspire, Emirates, and No1.  Each one has its own unique atmosphere, but they all offer a comfortable place to sit and wait until it is time to go to the gate for takeoff.

Of course, shopping can keep anyone busy in between their arrival and takeoff times and there is a couple dozen stores to choose from at this airport.  Everyone will love the high-end quality at stores like Victoria’s Secret, JD Sports, and Pandora.  In fact, every passenger should leave a little extra room in the carry-on bag for a few last-minute purchases.

Passengers are often hungry and thirsty when they are traveling, and there is a restaurant or bar to fit the needs of anyone during their time in Birmingham Airport.  A quick drink can be purchased from Caffe Nero, but some passengers may prefer to nurse something a little stronger from the Bottega Prosecco Bar.  A sit-down meal can be enjoyed at Frankie & Benny’s, but those in a rush may need to grab something quick at the Burger King.

No one will mind spending a little extra time at Birmingham Airport, because it seems to have all the necessary amenities that passengers are looking for, and that means a lot to those who travel often.

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