Who am i?

What’s up people my name is Jed Fife, born and raised in Stafford, Staffordshire, UK. This is a personal blog about my life, my journey and my experiences. I am totally obsessed with fashion especially sunglasses I’m not going to go into that now… but maybe in the future it would make a great blog post who knows?

At the moment I’m living in the city of Birmingham in the West Midlands, what a beautiful place! Fashion has brought me here where I am now pursuing my dreams, hopefully this is going to allow me to have my own designer shop one day in the heart of London.

I love to travel, especially the UK as I honestly think it has some of the most breath taking countryside known to this planet, and Scotland and the Lake District are the two places in the UK that hold a special place in my heart. The Lake District is where I met my partner Lauren. I met her at a Portuguese restaurant in Windermere back in January 2012.

We only get to see each other twice a month which really sucks but we Skype each other every day without fail, some people think this is not how a relationship should be and no it’s not how I would wish it, but we are deeply in love with each other and I know that one day we will have the time and freedom to spend every day with each other.